Lizard Telehealth

Effective in-home therapy using the power of people and technology.

Continuing Support for Your Family

Under the latest government release (24 March 2020), speech pathology services, along with ABA services are deemed as an essential service. As such, we are currently still open for in-centre services at the Lizard Centres – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Through this turbulent time, we do encourage families to continue with face-to-face therapy as much as possible. However, we understand that you may become unsure about attending in-centre services. So, we are excited to introduce Lizard Telehealth.


This adaptive service will allow existing clients to continue therapy with their Behaviour Therapy Team or Speech Pathologist. If you are a prospective client who is currently on the waiting list, we can offer Telehealth services to begin identifying your needs and developing your therapy program, until you are accepted into the intensive face-to-face program.

Telehealth is the application of telecommunications technology (via use of skype/hangouts/facetime or the telephone) to deliver clinical services at a distance by linking our expert clinicians and therapists to clients and caregivers for the purpose of consultation and intervention.


NDIS supports the use of telehealth.


Lizard Centre provides these ABA Therapy and Speech Pathology services to clients online:

  • Consultation/Assessment.

  • Parent/Therapist training. 

  • Program development. 

  • Analysis of behaviour.

  • Speech Pathology.

  • And many other services.  Learn more >>


The benefits of telehealth:

  • Enables the continuity of ABA therapy and speech pathology services and maintenance of key skills for your child/family.

  • Reduces yours and others’ need for travel.

  • Decreases exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

  • Provision of distance learning and training for family units 

  • Provides remote access to our expert team for real-time feedback to sessions

  • Improves feedback rigour/accuracy feedback by recording sessions. Learn more >>

Support online that delivers continuity and results!
Great client outcomes

Increased family & Therapists access to Behaviour Support to meet increasing demand for services.


(California Association for Behavior Analysis, 2017)


ABA-based parent training indicated that telehealth was an effective platform for parent training, increasing both parent’s knowledge and implementation skills.


(Meadan and Daczewitz, 2015)

"Behaviour analysts can conduct Functional Analyses effectively and efficiently via telehealth.

(Wacker et al. 2013)

Training interventionists to implement behaviour analytic provisions for children with ASD via telehealth is feasible and effective.” 

(Ferguson, Craig & Dounavi, 2016)