Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lizard Telehealth something I need to download?

No. Lizard Telehealth is not an application but rather an alternate way of delivering our pre-existing service. However, this service incorporates the use of telecommunication services such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. You will need to have access to one of these, which could involve downloading and installing if you do not it already. For more information on how to install and use these services, click here>>

Will my child be receiving the same kind of therapy program?

Yes. We have adapted the in-centre programming to allow for continuous treatment. Telehealth will allow your therapist to continue providing:

  • Ongoing Regular Supervision 

  • Programming

  • Verbal Feedback

  • Analyses of Behaviours

  • Intervention Strategies   

The only thing Telehealth cannot provide ‘Physical Modelling’ due to its virtual nature. However, we will provide parent/therapist training to compensate for this.

Is it possible to conduct Assessments via Telehealth?

Yes. Most particularly for interview-based assessments. Our team can go through the series of questions over Telehealth to complete, score and conduct assessments for your child. 

If the assessment is performance-based, we can complete parts of the assessment.  We can watch recorded footage to observe whether the target skills were performed and record this data. We can assess further if there is a therapist present that can administer some of the performance-based tasks.

What will happen to SBT/LBT services?

Telehealth service will be offered as a solution to in-centre training. In-home training can continue as normal unless specified by the parents they wish to switch SBT/LBT to Telehealth as well.


SBT services have been trailed, and can now successfully operate as a remote service. As for LBT's, if parents/therapists have had the correct training and can meet the requirements, they can continue treatment at home.


As part of Telehealth services, we will be offering parent/therapist training so that this is a viable option for families who wish to switch from only in-home sessions to Telehealth services.

How will Telehealth be used for Speech Pathology Services?

As part of ‘Parent/Therapist Training’, your Lizard Speech Pathologist will teach you to deliver the service directly to your child. As such the parent/caregiver will need to be present for the whole Telehealth session for Speech Pathology Services.


Your pathologist may ask you to practice a strategy with your child and provide you with feedback. You will also be given activities and tasks to practice in the home until your next Telehealth session.

How can I send you videos?

Please consult your Lizard SBT, as they will be able to provide you with secure options for sharing private files.

Click here to contact the Lizard Centre now >>

If I use Lizard Telehealth services, does this impact how I can claim?

No. Telehealth services are a viable service that is supported by the NDIS. 

When restrictions on face-to-face therapy lift, will Lizard Telehealth still be an available service?

Lizard Telehealth is a temporary means to continue your child’s therapy during this difficult time. Once officials decide face-to-face service can resume, we will be asking clients to return to in-centre services. 


However, we are excited by the possibilities that Lizard Telehealth offers, and will be looking for ways to integrate it into regular service.

Will I be reimbursed for costs of technological upgrades and purchases needed to deliver Lizard Telehealth?

Any reimbursements for technologies will need to be discussed with NDIS, as this depends on your NDIS package.