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What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is the use of telecommunication to provide ABA services to clients. The ABA provider typically uses videoconferencing to administer client sessions in real-time or review of recorded sessions, but may utilise other formats, such as email, for related communication.

How we use it in ABA Therapy

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Program Development
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Parent/Therapist Training
Analysis of Behaviour

Getting Started

Complete, sign and return the consent form. 

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Our Lizard therapists will conduct a comprehensive consultation to:

  • Assess the current and future objectives for your child 

  • Identify which Lizard services are best suited for optimal outcomes. 

  • We will work with you to collect information on; home structure, learning opportunities, rates of communication, behavioural challenges, level of training of parents/therapists

  • Discussion of technology resources required (audio, video, room set-up etc)


Program Development

Using the information from your child’s consultation, your Lizard therapy team will devise a program that is best suited for your child.


Parent/Therapist Training

Lizard Telehealth will allow for continued therapy within the home. As part of the Lizard Telehealth service, your therapy team will also begin providing you with comprehensive parent/therapist training. This training will guide parents in applying techniques and tools to help manage their child’s challenging behaviours in the home. 


Analysis of Behaviour

Your Lizard team will be updating you on your child’s progress, through Lizard Telehealth. For continual growth, our team will be making adaptive changes to your child’s program based on these results.


Delivering Telehealth

Flexibility in how we use technology means that we can deliver therapy in live or pre-recorded sessions

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Lizard Telehealth offers you continuous support through this time of uncertainty 
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