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Real-time immediate access

What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is the use of telecommunication to provide ABA services to clients. The ABA provider typically uses videoconferencing to administer client sessions in real-time or review of recorded sessions, but may utilise other formats, such as email, for related communication.

How we use it in ABA Therapy

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Program Development
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Parent/Therapist Training
Analysis of Behaviour

Getting started

What does Telehealth consultation involve?

  • Complete, sign and return the informed consent form.

  • A comprehensive consultation to assess the current and future objectives for your child.

  • An assessment of need, i.e. which Lizard services are best suited for optimal outcomes

    • What a typical day in the home looks like 

    • (Structure, Learning Opportunities, Rates of Communication, Behavioural Challenges, Level of training of parents/therapists)

    • Objectives over the coming weeks/months 

  • Discussion of technology resources required (audio, video, room set-up etc).

Delivering Telehealth

Flexibility in how we use technology means that we can deliver therapy in live or pre-recorded sessions

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In view of the uncertain times ahead, Lizard Telehealth may be your best means of accessing therapy in the near and possibly foreseeable future, so it might be good to start the process now.
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