As we adjust to less time (and in many cases no time) of effective
face-to-face interventions, this disruption to routine can stimulate challenging behaviours for children with ASD and developmental delay

Why Telehealth Works for You

During times of disruption children with ASD can develop challenging behaviours. These can be characterised by negative family outcomes including high parent stress levels and/or depression, increased caregiver burden and more stressful sibling relationships.

Three actions recommended to improve services for children with challenging behaviours are:

  1. Develop and implement home-based applied behavioural analysis (ABA).

  2. Expand analysis and intervention to focus on family routines.

  3. Build collaborative partnerships between therapists and parents – parent education and coaching is key to develop behaviour support strategies.


Implementing these support strategies has been found to benefit families by decreasing a child’s challenging behaviours and a general lowering of stress within the family. 


A parent training program, facilitated by a behaviour therapist, can also assist to support family routines.


Telehealth has been shown to:

  • Support implementation of functional analysis by parents. 

  • Provide parents with emotional support and encouragement. 


Telehealth studies have shown that behavioural consulting and parent training to families has improved the outcomes for children with ASD or developmental delay by decreasing their challenging behaviours.

(Source: Behavioural Telehealth Consultaion With Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Published online 26 April 2016 in

The Benefits of Telehealth

  • Enables the continuity of ABA therapy and Speech Pathology services and maintenance of key skills for your child/family.

  • Reduces yours and others’ need for travel.

  • Provides time flexibility and is conducted during regular business hours.

  • Decreases exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

  • Provides distance learning and training for parents and families.  

  • Provides remote access to our expert team for real-time feedback to sessions.

  • Improves feedback rigour/accuracy feedback by recording sessions.


What will be different?


    In-Centre Lizard Model

    ✓   Ongoing Regular Supervision 

    ✓   Programming

    ✓   Verbal Feedback

    ✓   Physical Modelling

    ✓   Analyses of Behaviours

    ✓   Intervention Strategies         


    In-Home Telehealth Model

    ✓   Ongoing Regular Supervision 

    ✓   Programming

    ✓   Verbal Feedback

    X   Physical Modelling

    ✓   Analyses of Behaviours

    ✓   Intervention Strategies         

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